Welcome to a Superhero game (using the third-edition Mutants and Masterminds rules) run and set in Fort Worth, Texas.

Lurkers are welcome but there is little here for them right now.
Players, this site is currently public, so no personal info on the site and First Names only. You also have edit privileges so please sign your contributions with your initial so that we know who to praise (or blame) for the contribution. Also, please don’t delete another player’s post, make and modify a copy of that content instead.

Open discussion of active issues is best handled in the forum. Conclusions, even if provisional, will likely be everywhere else on the site.


2/22/15 I have granted J. & M. membership and promoted them to Co-GM status. Three placeholders for NPC characters have been added to the Characters page. Details for all of this in the forum. G.

2/21/15 I have created The World of Mutatis Mutandis setting page. I welcome your feedback about it.

Mutatis Mutandis

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